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The current market demands quality candidates. For your business to excel, you know you need the best individuals in the ranks to surge ahead of your competitors.

But it’s not easy. It’s heavily time-consuming. It’s costly – to your resources and your finances.

The difficulty finding quality candidates can also be damaging, leaving your heavily burdened workforce and your delivery of services and products at risk.

It’s no longer as easy to simply advertise a job. The global skills shortage means the majority of workers are not actively seeking new opportunities.

Partnering with JGT Recruitment unlocks critical access to a wealth of recruitment experience and industry networks.

On discovering your unique staffing requirements, we execute a slick and efficient hiring process, including:

  • Writing a compelling and skilfully created job description
  • Filtering strong-matched candidates from the majority of ill-qualified candidates
  • Contacting passive candidates through heavy yet refined networking and resourcing
  • Pre-screening applicants
  • Scheduling interviews with accurately matched individuals
  • Vetting individuals and documentation
  • Providing various contracts and relevant paperwork
  • Championing your business as an excellent employer to work with
  • Arranging start dates and dealing with any HR concerns or questions prior to joining

We also understand how quickly business/project needs and challenges change, and therefore offer an array of contracts to suit your staffing needs and expenditure.

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